Repairs Underway to City Hall, Fire and Police Station


PAWTUCKET – Repair crews arrived at 137 Roosevelt Avenue this afternoon to begin
work to the roof located above Fire Station 2, City Hall and the Police Station.

The repairs are the result of a long-standing water intrusion issue that is finally
able to be addressed through the Renovation and Improvement Public Buildings Bond
that was overwhelmingly approved by voters in the 2014 General Election.

The repairs will include the reinsulating and resurfacing of PVC roofing located
above the fire and police stations as well as four flat roof segments abutting the
City Hall tower. Capeway Roofing has been tasked with completing the repairs after a
public, formal bid process. The bid awarded to Capeway Roofing was approved by the
City of Pawtucket’s Purchasing Board this past February.

The Pawtucket Public Library is the next public building slated for significant
structural improvements.