Rep Tanzi and Her Fight Against Sexual Harassment

Providence: State Representative Bobby Nardolillo, himself a candidate for the US Senate in 2018, has taken note of the charges leveled this week by his colleague in the RI House, Teresa A. Tanzi (D – Dist 34). Last Monday Ms. Tanzi alleged that she was told by her superiors in House Leadership that any offer of sexual favors on her part would result in more success with any Bill she sponsored. She refused, however, to identify her harasser or harassers. She reiterated that charge to Boston TV Station, Channel 7. In that interview Tanzi also offered that ‘Federally-Elected’ officials in Washington had made similarly crude and sexually harassing comments to her.

«Teresa was very brave to speak out, which is extremely difficult.» Rep Nardolillo said in response to Ms. Tanzi’s assertions. «I support her wholeheartedly. Now we need to address these wrongdoings to prevent anything like them from ever happening again.»

«Naturally I am most concerned with the implication that federal legislators also engaged in this kind of unacceptable behavior.» He continued. Nardolillo acknowledged that the very general term used in the Boston TV interview could refer to any of the 435 Members of the US House or the 100 Members of the Senate. «Of course local interest is focused on Rhode Island’s four federal legislators.» Mr. Nardolillo noted. «I call on all four of them to publicly deny that they are the source of Rep. Tanzi’s allegation.

«I take these allegations presented before us seriously. No one should ever have to go through such an awful experience. No Man, Woman or Child should ever have to go through it. Ever.» Nardolillo emphasized. «Our congressional delegation needs to address this matter, and do so quickly.» Bobby said

Bobby Nardolillo is a working Rhode Islander, born and bred, who is taking time out to run for the US Senate because of his conviction that government at all levels has failed its taxpaying constituents. He intends to build on his two terms in the General Assembly to bring both legislative experience and new blood to Washington, DC. Follow his campaign on the web at, or on Facebook at ‘Bobby 4 Senate 2018.’