Rep. Slater honored by Rhode Island Partnership for Home Care

 Rep. Slater honored by Rhode Island Partnership for Home Care

STATE HOUSE - On Thursday, May 7, the Rhode Island Partnership for Home
Care honored Rep. Scott A. Slater (D-Dist. 10, Providence) under the
State House rotunda.  Rep. Slater was honored due to his tireless
efforts in advocating for the hard working home health care
professionals of the state.

"It is fundamentally unfair that our healthcare workers in the home care
field are denied the same wages and benefits that their peers at
hospitals and nursing homes bring home every year," said Rep. Slater.
"These dedicated professionals visit every corner of our state to
provide top-notch quality healthcare to all those who are in need.  They
deserve to be recognized and fairly compensated for their never-ending
efforts to ensure the best possible quality of life for all of their
patients," added Rep. Slater.

"Representative Slater believes that CNA's should not be earning close
to minimum wage for healthcare services in which they deliver in the
homes of our eldest, poorest and sickest Rhode Islanders.  He believes
they deserve a competitive wage and access to the same quality
healthcare that they provide in the community.  For these reasons, we
would like to recognize Representative Slater as an advocate for the
home healthcare community," said Nicholas Oliver, Executive Director of
the Rhode Island Partnership for Home Care.

The Rhode Island Partnership for Home Care (RIPHC) was established in
1990 and is the only organization in the state dedicated to "advancing
quality healthcare at home". RIPHC is committed to promoting quality
home healthcare service delivery, ethical healthcare business practices,
and positive patient and client outcomes to ensure that access to home
care and hospice remains an integral component of our state's acute and
long-term healthcare system.