Rene Perez of Calle 13 Destroys His Own Car

To protest the violence, materialism and consumerism René Pérez became violent and broke his Maserati with a baseball bat.
The singer did this as part of his music video in order to send a message:

«I think the message I am sending to children and youth by destroying my own car, which once represented conspicuous excess in my life, is worth infinitely more than any expensive car. The fact that the consumer society in which live, even in times of crisis and that each of us as individuals will continue giving so much value to these excessive luxuries, has resulted in many young people literally killing for them.»

The Maserati was owned by Rene and according to the director of the video, Kacho Lopez was acquired shortly after winning international fame.

The video for ‘ Inside ‘ was recorded in Arizona. The singer received the beats of the legendary American baseball player, Willie Mays.
After destroying the windows of the vehicle, full of guns and jewelry, he threw it off a cliff .