Reed Statement on Bipartisan Agreement to End Government Shutdown

 Reed Statement on Bipartisan Agreement to End Government Shutdown

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, after the U.S. Senate passed a bipartisan agreement to
reopen the federal government through February 8, extend the low-income Children’s
Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and allow an open debate on key issues, including a
long-term budget agreement and immigration reform, U.S. Senator Jack Reed issued the
following statement:

«Today, the Senate reached a bipartisan agreement to reopen the government and move
forward with its job of debating, voting, and passing long-term solutions on the
budget, community health centers, disaster relief, the opioid crisis, immigration,
infrastructure, and other important priorities that the Administration and
Congressional Republicans have ignored for too long.

«We need a focused, long-term budget that meets the needs of working families and
gives taxpayers a strong return on their investment.

«Make no mistake, this agreement doesn’t resolve the key differences we have on the
issues. But Majority Leader McConnell is now publicly committed to bringing
legislation to the floor by February 8 to address the crisis President Trump
manufactured when he told those who were brought to this country by their parents as
children that he was ending their legal residency. Part of the reason I voted for
this proposal is we have a bipartisan coalition that can pass a bill to protect
these young people on the merits. Just as CHIP could have passed as a standalone on
the merits months ago if Republicans would have allowed a vote.

«This short-term agreement gives the Senate a window of opportunity to reach
bipartisan consensus on more than just immigration. Things like the opioid crisis,
emergency disaster relief, and the need to prevent devastating automatic cuts to our
national defense and domestic agencies.

«I am glad Congress is getting back to work and it must begin focusing on
middle-class priorities and investing in broad-based growth, instead of just
prioritizing policies for the wealthy and tax cuts for multi-national corporations.
President Trump remains fixated on the stock market while middle-class workers get
squeezed and don’t see their wages rising at the same pace as the President’s stock

«People should understand we are only in this situation because the Republicans who
control the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives are unable to
effectively govern and are focused on unwise and incoherent policies that do little
for average working Americans. Perhaps today’s agreement will result in a
realization on the part of the other side of the aisle that it is time to govern,
not just play politics and reward the powerful.

«I will work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to set a more responsible
course that takes a more balanced approach.»