Raimondo’s Rhode Island Spun Like A Top in Her Last State of the State Address


Cranston) – Tonight, in her final State of the State address, Gina Raimondo showed just how out of touch with reality she is. One wonders if she’s traveling out of state too much fundraising for her campaign to realize what is actually going on. On her watch, Rhode Island has become a place where out of control spending, managerial disasters, and unrelenting arrogance has become the name of the game.

Raimondo’s Rhode Island is indeed just a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

On a night when a woman in Woonsocket doesn’t know if her benefits will be paid because of the UHIP disaster, Gina Raimondo lectured us on her need for more taxpayer money, likely to create a new six figure job for her out of state friends.

On a night when a father in Johnston doesn’t know if his unemployment benefits will be processed because the state computers still won’t work, Gina Raimondo demanded more money in handouts for out-of-state corporations.

On a night when men and women across the state went to their second jobs just so they can put food on the table, Gina Raimondo demanded millions more in spending for departments that aren’t demonstrating results.

Mayor Fung stated, «More than ever, Rhode Island needs a laser focused and competent chief executive who cares more about doing the job right in Warwick, than a next job in Washington. Sadly, Rhode Islanders will be left picking up the pieces – and price tag – for her arrogance and mismanagement. In every area of state government – we can do better.»