Raimondo Statement on President Trump’s Budget

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Governor Gina M. Raimondo has made the following statement
President Trump’s proposed budget:
«Rhode Island is making strong progress to provide our people with the education
and job training they need to be successful and to expand access to affordable,
quality health care to virtually everyone in our state.
President Trump’s budget betrays Rhode Islanders by giving huge tax cuts to
and the wealthiest Americans while drastically reducing federal funding for vital
programs that create jobs, raise wages, and protect low-income Americans.
Even as we analyze President Trump’s budget in the coming days to determine its
specific impacts on Rhode Island, I appreciate the members of Rhode Island’s
Delegation for their leadership and advocacy, and I join them in calling on their
colleagues in Washington, D.C. to stop the Trump administration from making massive
cuts to health care, public schools, affordable housing, and other programs that
Rhode Islanders rely upon.»