Raimondo retaining Commerce member

Courtesy of Providence Journal

Governor Raimondo is keeping a member of the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation’s board of directors, Vanessa Toledo-Vickers, whom she nominated in April, saying she’s doing a good job and there’s no reason to seek her dismissal because of her ownership of a West Warwick nightclub.

The club — and the fact Raimondo did not mention it when nominating Toledo-Vickers

— has been the topic of conversation this week online and on talk radio. Toledo-Vickers disclosed that she owns Manchester 65 in nomination paperwork filed with the state.

«There was no reason to draw particular attention to it,» Raimondo said. «Lots of people own interests in businesses.»

Toledo-Vickers was chosen for her strong business experience, Raimondo spokeswoman Marie Aberger said. She’s operations director at the Academy for Career Exploration in Providence and previously worked at two businesses — Virtual Marketing Associates Inc. and AT&T — for more than a decade.

The governor’s office biographies on other nominees did not list all of their business interests, affiliations and stock holdings.

West Warwick Police Chief Col. Richard Silva said the police «really haven’t had any problems» with the club. He deals with Toledo-Vickers’ husband, James Vickers, at the club.

West Warwick Fire Chief Joseph Baris Jr. said the department inspected the club in March, ordered it closed for violations to be corrected and reopened it in 24 hours: «The venue is 100-percent fire-code compliant, today.»

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