Raimondo Marks Minimum Wage Increase


Rate Paid to Tipped Workers Increases to $3.39
PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Governor Gina M. Raimondo marked the increase of Rhode Island’s minimum hourly wage from $9.00 to $9.60. In addition, the minimum rate paid to tipped workers increased from $2.89 to $3.39.

«When I was sworn into office, it was clear that we needed to make work pay,» Raimondo said. «Many Rhode Islanders work full-time jobs and still struggle to make ends meet. This is unacceptable. Anyone who works full time should not have to raise their children in poverty. This increase will put more spending money in the pockets of families, who will in turn use those higher earnings at local businesses to help boost our economy.

«But we can do more,» Raimondo continued. «As I have always said, the minimum wage alone is not enough to lift a family out of poverty. In the New Year, we must continue working to build, attract and innovate our state’s economy so that everyone can make it in Rhode Island. That means training people to gain more skills, creating more jobs and boosting incomes. Together, we will move our state forward.»

The increases will benefit more than 40,000 Rhode Islanders. The Governor signed legislation to make work pay in 2015, after the initiative was approved by the state General Assembly.