R.I. Dems Party E.D. to Take Part in DNC’s Association of State Democratic Chairs’ Meeting

WARWICK, R.I. – The Executive Director of the Rhode Island Democratic Party, T. Kevin Olasanoye, is taking part in a weeklong series of workshops with national executive directors and party leadership in Long Beach, California, this week, as part of the annual Association of State Democratic Chairs. Olasanoye, who will represent Rhode Island and state Democratic Party Chair Joseph M. McNamara at this event, expects a full week of workshops and presentations on a range of issues coming into the 2018 Election cycle.

“I am excited to be attending this conference with party leaders from around the country, to talk about building a statewide campaign in Rhode Island that gets Democrats elected from the school board to the US Senate,” Olasanoye said.

Among issues expected to be discussed this week will be innovative approaches to expanding the voter base, improving diversity and increased millennial involvement within Democratic ranks, increased use of caucuses, reforms in presidential conventions, and party-building strategies.