Providence Police Implement Community Relations Bureau


Major Perez will serve as a liaison from the police department to the community,
working to build, enhance and maintain the relationships that police have with the
citizens of Providence. The Community Relations Bureau was developed by Colonel
Clements to devote specific resources to work with our community crime watch
partners, strengthen police interaction with the city’s youth by establishing a
Providence Police inner city mentoring program with our officers, and assist the
Chief in working with the Providence Police Advisory Board members on various issues
and concerns throughout the community. Major Perez will also act as the Commanding
Officer of the Training Bureau and Academy and will be in charge of the upcoming
68th Providence Police Department Training Academy, as well as future Citizens and
Faith-Based Academy’s hosted by the PPD Training Academy Staff.

«I’m excited to see Major Oscar Perez take on this role which will complement the
incredible work that is already being done to foster stronger relations between our
officers and communities,» said Mayor Elorza. «Major Perez has been able to reach
and connect with residents of all ages in a manner that truly exemplifies the
importance and success of community policing. I commend him for his commitment to
our city and look forward to seeing him help to build greater trust between our
police department and local families.»

«Throughout his career as a Providence Police Officer, Oscar has continually served
as a true example of what a community police officer is,» said Colonel Clements.
«Major Perez served as a District Lieutenant in South Providence for three years,
where he successfully ran two districts in the city, working with residents on
day-to-day issues, visiting schools and attending neighborhood events. I look
forward to the success of the Community Relations Bureau and I am confident that
Major Perez will only enhance his relationships with both the community and
stakeholders as he takes on his new position.»

Major Perez was most recently recognized for his community policing efforts with
being named one of 12 winners of the 2017 U.S. Department of Justice C.O.P.S
(Community Oriented Policing Services) award for «Community Policing in Action»
photo contest.