Providence Police Implement Citizen Online Reporting System for Motor Vehicle Accidents the Occur on Private Property

Providence, RI: The Providence Police Department has implemented a new citizen online reporting system for motor vehicle collisions or accidents that occur on private property. This system allows citizens to submit an accident report online and print or save a copy immediately. A PDF copy of the completed report will be sent to the reporting person via email.

This self-reporting system is only to be used for accidents that occur on private property (i.e., in parking garages), that do not involve a city of Providence vehicle, do not involve reports of serious injuries and do not indicate a criminal offense.

“This new capability is fast, simple to use and will allow for increased efficiencies within the police department and enhanced services from our officers to the Providence community,” said Commissioner Paré. “I urge citizens to review the criteria for online reporting before submitting a report and, as always, in the event of an emergency, please call 911.”

Any and all parties involved in the reported accidents should exchange information and share the self-reported accident report with respective insurance companies. For more information and to generate an accident report online please visit the City of Providence website.