Providence Police Department warns public of kidnapping scam

 Providence Police Department warns public of kidnapping scam

Providence – Public Safety Announcement regarding kidnapping scam that has recently been reported
both in Providence and surrounding areas: Scammers are using social media as a means
to obtain personal information about their future victims, such as where they live,
the cars they drive, their names, and names of family members and friends. The
scammers then call one of their potential targets and alert them that a family
member or friend bas been involved in a motor vehicle accident and are being held
captive until money is sent to an account for ransom. While on the phone with the
victim, the scammers will record portions of the conversation and instruct the
victim to say specific phrases. Scammers will then call family members of the
initial victim and alert them that he or she has been in an accident and being held
captive. Scammers use the voice recordings to play back for each of the victims,
convincing them that the story is legitimate . Scammers are also using technology
that allows them to call from specific phone numbers, including those belonging to
the victims. Police urge the public to call police first if they receive any phone
call of this nature. If you have been a victim of a similar incident, please contact
Providence Police at (401) 272- 1111 (Emergency) or (401) 272-3121 (Non-Emergency).