Pope Francis Asks for Prayers

«Please pray for me.»
That brief message on his Twitter account was the only official event for Pope Francis in his first year at the helm of the Vatican.
The absence of official events to celebrate the anniversary is interpreted by the correspondents at the Vatican as part of the trend of the first Latin American pope to avoid large pomp and ceremonies.
Francis has 12 million followers on the social network Twitter, where posts appear in nine different languages.

It has been one year of continuous surprises by a simple and loving Pope who has done much good. Most Catholics are proud of the Pope’s overflowing humanity. Among Jews enthusiasm grows. According to the head Rabbi of Rome, Riccardo Di Segni, ‘so many Jews now come to meet Pope Francisco we should open a synagogue in the Vatican.»

For Protestants, Muslims and even atheists like a pope who manages to communicate through gestures and clear simple language, with the ordinary citizen. Many citizens see it as an example to their own rulers.

After a year, unforgettable photographs of Pope Francis could fill entire books. If a picture is worth a thousand words, his personal example and refreshing style are worth a thousand encyclicals .

But he warns that » Francis-manía ‘ will not last . The first Pope from the Americas has brought many changes but some believe he could do more.

On 13 March, after the first moment of surprise, almost everyone thought that the ‘ honeymoon ‘ would last three months. It has exceeded the year. And it is clear that the ‘revolution’ of Pope Francis is only in its infancy.

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