Picturehouse buys Gloria Trevi biopic ‘Gloria’ for U.S.

Picturehouse has acquired all U.S. rights to «Gloria,» based on the story of Latin American singer Gloria Trevi, from Rio Negro for a first quarter release.

The film will be released in Spanish with English subtitles. Universal Pictures International will release «Gloria» in Mexico and Latin America in early January.

While Trevi has expressed unhappiness over the “Gloria” project, producer Matthias Ehrenberg told a press conference that the screenplay is based on interviews she gave to journalist and playwright Sabina Berman and seeks above all to pay tribute to the singer.

“It’s an impartial story with no yellow journalism in it. Basically it’s about Gloria the celebrity, her rise to fame, what happened to her, things that go out of control and the consequences,” Ehrenberg said.

Sofia Espinosa stars as Trevi, who has sold more than 20 million records, and Marco Perez stars as Sergio Andrade, her manager and husband.

Trevi, often called «The Mexican Madonna» for her edgy lyrics and performances, saw her career crash in the late 1990s after she and her former manager were accused of luring young girls into a cult-like pornographic ring. Trevi fled to Brazil, where she was later arrested and held in jail for four years before she was acquitted in 2004.

«Gloria Trevi’s meteoric rise to stardom and astounding downfall is vividly portrayed in this riveting film about love, fame and betrayal,» said Picturehouse CEO Bob Berney.

Christian Keller directed «Gloria» from a script by Sabina Berman. Producers are Matthias Ehrenberg, Barrie M. Osborne («The Lord of the Rings» trilogy) and Alan B. Curtiss («Master and Commander»).

Picturehouse reopened its doors last year with Berney taking the top slot. It’s currently releasing Adam Wingard’s «The Guest.»