Obama: US at ‘Interesting Political Moment’

VOA News

U.S. President Barack Obama, attending several political fundraisers for his Democratic Party at homes in California, said the country is at «an interesting political moment.»

He characterized voters as scared and anxious.  He said «strange things» can happen when they are feeling that way.

Obama’s observations came after the New Hampshire presidential primaries where real estate mogul Donald Trump won the Republican poll and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders won the Democratic vote, beating out longtime front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Obama observed that «people are anxious» despite economic and other progress the country has experienced during his presidency.

The president said the current political climate «is not about bringing people together, but is about us and them and looking for somebody to blame.»  He said the country can only «move forward when it’s based on us.»

President Obama attended four fundraisers Thursday – two in northern California and two in southern California – where donors paid thousands of dollars to be close to the president.