New Federal Funding to Support Healthcare Transformation and Jobs for the Future

PROVIDENCE, RI – Governor Gina M. Raimondo and Secretary Elizabeth Roberts announced
that Rhode Island has partnered with the federal Centers for Medicare and
Medicaid Services (CMS) to leverage nearly $130 million in federal funds over the
next five years to further transform our healthcare system to support better care
and healthier Rhode Islanders. These funds would not be possible without our state
colleges and universities who helped us achieve a federal match on their existing
public expenditures, or the hard work of the Rhode Island Congressional Delegation.
Here’s what our partners in the federal government and higher education are saying:
«I’m proud of Governor Raimondo’s effort to keep our state at the forefront of health
care innovation. This health care transformation project can mean better patient
care, healthier Rhode Islanders, and real savings that could be reinvested to
Rhode Island’s economy. In the months and years ahead, it’s going to be more important
than ever for all of us to work together to protect this important program that
many of the most vulnerable members of our community rely on.» – U.S. Senator Sheldon
«The most effective, sustainable way to reduce health care costs is, simply put,
to keep people healthy. A health care system that emphasizes coordinated,
care will keep Rhode Islanders healthier, empower seniors to age in place, and reduce
overall costs. The Reinventing Medicaid project aims to achieve these goals, bringing
together stakeholders, care providers and our institutions of higher learning for
a collaborative approach that will help transform health care in Rhode Island.»
– U.S. Representative, Jim Langevin
«All Rhode Islanders should be able to obtain affordable healthcare coverage, and
I am glad the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services are providing our state
with this critical funding to improve care for those who need it most. I am committed
to protecting Medicare and Medicaid in Washington, and this innovative initiative
is proof that we can save money without eliminating the benefits our citizens deserve.»
– U.S. Representative, David Cicilline
«The University of Rhode Island is a strong partner in the state’s Health System
Transformation Project since establishing the Academic Health Collaborative in
2015 to spur cooperation and innovation in the areas of research, inter-professional
education, population health, health promotion and recognition and elimination of
health disparities. The health system transformation project will provide our students
and faculty with new opportunities for interdisciplinary health research, education,
and outreach especially in the areas of health care reform, health services, and
health data management.» – Dr. David M. Dooley, President, University of Rhode
«Over 80 percent of RIC graduates live and work in Rhode Island. Through this
we have a real opportunity to make a significant impact on the way we deliver
in our state. It’s our goal to prepare our students to address statewide challenges
in the public health system as well as meet the workforce development needs of the
future. We believe being a part of the Healthcare Transformation Project will help
us do that.» – Dr. Frank D. Sánchez, President, Rhode Island College
«CCRI is the starting point for thousands of Rhode Island’s health care professionals
and will be the starting point for thousands more. This investment not only represents
a transformation of how Rhode Island delivers health care, it recognizes the critical
importance of investing in our state’s talent pipeline of health care workers, many
of whom start at CCRI. Our students will advance thanks to this partnership and
the financial commitments being made in education.» – Meghan Hughes, President,
Community College of Rhode Island