Meet Barbie’s New Friend Lammily

 Meet Barbie’s New Friend Lammily

A new doll with «reasonable» human proportions unlike that «exaggerated» Barbie is about to be manufactured. But why so long?

It’s time to make a new friend Barbie. We introduce Lammily, who could soon be sharing the toy shelf next to the most famous doll in the world.

The American artist Nickolay Lamm created a prototype doll last year based on the average size for a 19 year old woman s published by the U.S. government, and the response was overwhelming. Through a crowfunding project he got almost all the $ 95,000 needed to begin production of the doll.

«What if they began making dolls using real human proportions? This was the question I asked myself after comparing the proportions of dolls with real measures,» says Lamm on their website .

But the artist is not the first to ask this question .

A magazine estimated in 2009 what a Barbie full- scaling it to human proportions would look like, and the results were surprising.

The figure of the most famous doll in the world has been the subject of much controversy in recent years . Critics claim that the proportions of the doll are nothing real.

Lamm said that instead of waiting for companies to change the doll he would construct his own.
Many praise Lamm for finally portraying a real woman as a doll. It has taken a long time to make a doll as it reaches the early stages of production because many people have been making a lot of money projecting an image of skinny as the ideal woman. Mainly the dietary and fashion industry.

The company behind Barbie , Mattel, defended the proportions of their doll in an interview this year, saying it is designed so you can easily play with it, regardless of the realism of its proportions.

Another difference is that the new doll, unlike Barbie  wearsalmost no makeup, and her wardrobe is much more austere.

No pink skirts or jackets with diamonds, which were replaced by slacks and slippers.


Barbie has both severe critics and loyal fans.

But despite criticisms and attempts to create new dolls Barbie still has a loyal following .

«Barbie is a doll that has been present in childhood of millions of people ,» writes fashion blogger Justina Sharp 16 years in the New York Times.

Barbie shows that little girls that girls can do everything, from being a teacher, a doctor, or even an astronauts.

Many people have made a huge uproar about Barbie’s proportions, but few really look at what she has accomplished by inspiring girls to be whatever they want to be.

While barbie may represent beauty and materialism , she also represents flexibility, imagination , and professionalism.