McKee Calls on Opponent Regunberg to Disavow Washington D.C. PAC Attack Ad


(Providence, Rhode Island) Lieutenant Governor Dan McKee and candidate for re-election has strongly criticized his opponent, Aaron Regunberg, for not disavowing an attack ad on McKee issued by the Washington D.C. AFT Solidarity PAC.


As reported in the Providence Journal on April 20, McKee stepped forward to condemn attack mailings targeting Regunberg issued by a right-wing Washington D.C.-based group, which accused Regunberg of not being a “real Democrat” but rather a “progressive-socialist.” At the time, McKee characterized the organization as an extremist group seeking to meddle in Rhode Island elections and condemned the group’s mudslinging approach in attacking Regunberg.


“I now call on Aaron Regunberg to match the political courage I displayed last April. He should immediately condemn the blatantly false claims contained in the PAC ad which incredulously claims, among other things, that I am in the pocket of the very same opioid manufacturers I am suing…a legal action I hope will garner millions of dollars for Rhode Island to combat the opioid crisis,” stated McKee.


“However, I do not expect my opponent to do so because he himself is making these same claims. Aaron knows that they are not true but, apparently, he does not know that telling the truth is the first responsibility of anyone seeking or holding public office,” he added.