Mayor Fung Vows to Reform RI Training School

(Cranston) – Today, Republican Nominee for Governor, Mayor Allan Fung, released his plan to reform the Thomas C. Slater Training School.


“For years, we have heard stories about the many problems plaguing our state’s training school,” said Mayor Fung. “Currently, costs are out of control, staff morale is in the dirt and rehabilitation needs are not being met.”


During the Governor’s time in office, the training school has seen its budget get cut from $26.2 million down to $23.6 million just this past year.


As Governor, Mayor Fung announced he would make three immediate changes to the way the school is run.


First, he will increase vocation rehabilitation training and partner with local mentoring programs. This will help improve successful transitions for residents from the training school back into the community.


Secondly, Mayor Fung will put in leadership that will meet monthly to put a heightened emphasis on security and safety. Leadership will he be held accountable for running the facility with the same level of professionalism that we see from the men and women at the ACI.


Lastly, he will increase opioid rehab interventions and training for staff to help kids break the destructive cycle early on.


“We know the juvenile protection workers have a difficult task and work hard to try to maintain safety. Unfortunately, the present environment hinders their efforts,” said Mayor Fung.