Mayor Fung calls resolution challenging Mayoral authority blatant political power grab

December, 2015- Mayor Allan W. Fung criticized a resolution seeking to amend
Section 3.19- Noninterference in administrative matters of the Home Rule Charter of
the City of Cranston. Under that provision, the voters of Cranston empowered the
Mayor as the sole authority to conduct the day-to-day operations of the city. Most
importantly, it explicitly prohibits members of the Council from interfering or
otherwise giving orders to any subordinates of the Mayor. It was intended to
prevent the nine different council people from calling department directors to ask
them to perform their duties on behalf of their own individual ward’s interest as
opposed to one cohesive plan of action for the benefit of the entire city.
«This proposed change to the Cranston Home Rule Charter is nothing more than a
blatant attempt to undermine the power of the executive branch and further dilute
the management rights of the Mayor in operating the city. It is ironic that the
sponsor of this bill is the same councilman that a few years ago during a blizzard,
tried to commandeer an emergency vehicle from the police department in order for him
to be driven around his ward. This is the type of power grab the charter was
designed to prevent.» Said Mayor Allan Fung
The proposed change will be presented to the full city council for their vote at the
next City Council Meeting on Monday December 21 at 7:00 pm in the Cranston City
Council Chambers.

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