Mayor Fung blasts City Council for refusing Cranston’s Independent Comprehensive Annual Finance Report

December, 2015- Mayor Allan W. Fung sharply criticized last night’s refusal by
the City Council to accept the city’s independent Comprehensive Annual Financial
Report to the State Auditor General, calling the maneuver «irresponsible political
«By denying their pro-forma acceptance of the independent auditor’s report, the City
Council is playing politics with a very serious financial reporting matter. We must
submit our audit by the end of the year to the State Auditor General.» said Mayor
Fung «With all of the positive things happening in the city; three rating agencies
upgrading Cranston (with Standard & Poor’s moving Cranston to its highest rating in
decades) as well as multiple years of cumulative budget surpluses – the council is
attempting to taint my administration’s image by playing a dangerous game of chicken
with our required financial reporting to the State.»
At last night’s meeting, the city council chose to not accept the independent
auditor’s report of the City’s finances. This is something that has never happened
under the current administration. In fact, Cranston’s audits have received the
Governmental Financial Officers Association’s (GFOA) Certificate of Achievement for
Excellence in Financial Reporting during the Fung administration’s tenure in office.
Mayor Fung will still submit the audit to the State’s Auditor General.
«I take my fiduciary duties to the residents of Cranston very seriously and I will
do whatever it takes to make sure that the City of Cranston is not late with its
audit. It is despicable that the City Council would play politics with a routine
audit process that has never been late during my administration.» said Mayor Fung
«Shenanigans like this cannot be tolerated and have no place in responsible

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