Mayor Diossa Orders 8:30 PM to 5:00 AM Curfew to Protect Central Falls Residents and Businesses From Potential Looting

CENTRAL FALLS, RI – After receiving intelligence regarding potential acts of looting and rioting targeting the City of Central Falls, Mayor James Diossa has issued an emergency Executive Order (attached) imposing a curfew beginning at 8:30 PM today, June 2nd, through 5:00 AM on Wednesday, June 3rd. While the curfew is in place, no one and no vehicles should be on any roads, streets, parks, or other locations. Limited exceptions for police, fire, and emergency situations are detailed in the Executive Order.

“I understand that our community members are hurting, angry, and frustrated by the unnecessary death of George Floyd, and the police brutality and systemic racism issues it has brought to the forefront,” said Mayor Diossa. “I share these feelings and as Mayor I’ve worked hard to make sure our Central Falls Police Department has reached out to our community members to forge real, understanding relationships. We have so much more work to do to address these issues, but under no circumstances is violence or rioting the answer. Such acts are totally unacceptable. They do nothing to address the racial equity, policing, and justice system issues raised by George Floyd’s death. Instead, they only serve to harm our community and set back our hard work to foster racial justice and economic empowerment for all of our residents.”

“We have unfortunately learned that groups may be targeting Central Falls this evening, seeking to engage in looting and rioting,” continued Diossa. “This Executive Order is designed to keep our community safe and I urge everyone to abide by the 8:30 PM to 5:00 AM curfew.”

“The Central Falls Police Department has worked hard to build lasting partnerships and trust within our community, and we do not condone the actions of officers who abuse their authority,” said Central Falls Police Department Chief Colonel Daniel J. Barzykowski. “We are here for our community and want to be a part of the change they are seeking. But acts of rioting, violence, or looting have no place in our city. That’s why we will be on heightened alert this evening and urge everyone to abide by the 8:30 PM to 5:00 AM curfew. If residents see anything suspicious, they should call us at (401) 727-7411 or call 911 if they are experiencing an emergency.”