Mayor Allan Fung Kicks Off Snow Removal Assistance Initiative for Cranston’s Senior Residents

Cranston- Mayor Fung announced that Cranston High School Students from West and East will assist qualified Cranston residents age 55+ who are on a fixed income and receiving one or more of the following resources (SNAP, Heating Assistance, Medicaid, etc.); has no family assistance; has a debilitating health condition (such as heart disease, on oxygen, dialysis treatments, chemo treatments, etc.); or is on the Special Needs Emergency Registry; to receive home snow removal assistance through the volunteers in the Cranston Students Helping Seniors Initiative.

“Last year’s winter snowfall left many of our senior residents homebound and in need of basic assistance to clear their walkways for essential services such as visiting nurses, meals on wheel deliveries and just getting out to medical appointments. The service provided by our student volunteers is essential for our seniors to maintain their independence and access to services.” Said Mayor Fung

Students can make a huge difference in the Cranston community and gain Community Service Credits toward graduation at the same time. Students at Cranston high schools have registered to join a crew to assist a needy Cranston senior by shoveling their sidewalks and driveways during or after a snow event. Seniors are registered for the program and qualified through the Cranston Department of Senior Services Social Services Division. The student’s efforts can make all the difference in someone being able to stay in their home in their retirement years and being able to access community resources throughout the winter. Cranston students will be creating pathways for elders who would be shut in without their assistance.

“On behalf of our most frail seniors, I commend each and every student volunteer for making this program a reality, as without their commitment to this endeavor, this program would not exist. Our goal is to launch this endeavor in 2016 with the hope of growth in the years to come. Said Senior Enrichment Center Executive Director Sue Stenhouse