Marc Anthony Talks About Dayanara Torres

Dayanara Torres is asking Marc Anthony for more money to support because according to her, the children they share do not live with the luxuries of their father, they cannot travel by private jet, and have all that deserve.

Among the list of «roughing it» Dayanara said she had to move to an apartment because she does not have the money to live in a house … and here things get complicated .

According to TMZ , the documents that are in court Marc Anthony stated that the reason Dayanara had to move was not for lack of money, but because she had to leave the neighborhood where she lived for the shame that she made him go through with the wife of the man with whom she was with.

Marc says that Dayanara was with a married man and the woman found out and went to his house with a megaphone, stood in front of the house and yelled so loud that the whole neighborhood heard what was going on.

Dayanara was left with no choice but to find another place to go to live .

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