Madonna shows up for jury duty in Manhattan, released to prevent ‘further distraction’

 Madonna shows up for jury duty in Manhattan, released to prevent ‘further distraction’

Who’s that girl showing up for jury duty? Yep, it’s Madonna.

After dodging a jury summons with a doctor’s note on May 27, Madonna arrived at 60 Centre St. Monday morning with an entourage fit for a diva — two male bodyguards and two female assistants.

But she was soon gone. While regular folks summoned to do their civic duty sat through hours of waiting, Madonna was sprung after an hour and a half.

She was about 30 minutes late for her 10 a.m. scheduled arrival time, which is an hour later than the 9 a.m. time regular prospective jurors are asked to arrive.

«I’m proud to do my job,» she said, standing tall as she left the courthouse with a gaggle of handlers and security guards.

She didn’t respond to questions about special treatment.

On her way out of the iconic building overlooking Foley Square, the Material Girl showed she could still turn heads.

«That’s Madonna!» one star-struck onlooker said.

«She looks so thin, right?» another chimed in

A group of fans stopped in their tracks to capture the pop icon’s court cameo.

The Upper West Sider had been ushered into the first-floor clerk’s office instead of the regular jury assembly room.

Madonna was not questioned for a panel.

A court official said the decision was made to let her go early because her presence was a distraction.
She was later excused from jury duty, due to her presence causing a commotion at the courthouse.

«We had ample jurors today and had we needed her, she would have been sent out on a panel,» said New York State Unified Court System spokesman David Bookstaver. «We had sufficient jurors not to have created a further distraction for the courthouse.»

«She got credit for her service and we’re delighted she came,» he added.

Madonna is off the hook for jury service in New York for six years.