Lt. Gov. McKee Makes Super Bowl Wager with Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. Stack

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Rhode Island Lt. Gov. Dan McKee and Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. Mike Stack have agreed to terms on a Super Bowl wager that would have the loser reading a proclamation from the Capitol steps praising the winning team.

McKee, born and raised in Rhode Island and a lifelong Patriots fan, said he’s confident that the Patriots will do their job.

“Lt. Governor Stack was a gracious host when my wife Susan and I visited Pennsylvania last spring. His impeccable hospitality made us feel very welcome in the Keystone State, but no amount of hospitality can influence my position on the Super Bowl,” McKee said. “Game on. May the greatest team and quarterback of all time win. Go Pats!”

“In our work with the National Lieutenant Governor’s Association, I have come to know and respect Lieutenant Governor McKee. He is sadly hampered by unfortunate geography as a sports fan,” Stack said. “I look forward to posting his proclamation on my Instagram.”

If the Patriots were to lose the game, McKee would take to the Rhode Island State House steps dressed in Eagles regalia to read a concession proclamation. When the Patriots win, Stack will dress in colonial garb on the Pennsylvania Capitol steps to read a concession proclamation. The readings would take place sometime during the week following the game.

Both lieutenant governors also agreed to donate to food banks in the state of the winning team.