At Least Three Killed When Man Opens Fire On Two Jewish Centers In Kansas

At least three people were killed today as a result of the two shootings that have been registered at two Jewish centers on the outskirts of Kansas City according to local media reports. The suspect in the deaths, a 70-year-old man has already been arrested. According to the police, he was arrested about a mile from the residential center, and, according to several witnesses, shouted «Heil Hitler» as the authorities were taking him.

It was initially reported that there was one person who died in both events and a wounded teenager who had been transferred to the hospital in critical condition. A spokesman for the Overland Park Regional Hospital confirmed that there was a victim «under the age of 16 in critical condition», but for now it is unclear if that patient has died and has been included in the official figure of three dead, or if it’s an additional wounded.

The shootings began at 13:00 hours, the eve of the Jewish Passover. At the time of the shooting, at the Community Center Jewish had many adolescents participating in a hearing for KC Superstar, as reported by the local chain KCTV.

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