After learning of the decision made by Care New England’s Board, Mayor Donald R. Grebien issued the following statemen

I am extremely disappointed in this decision by Care New England to abandon our
community hospital during their transactions, putting their agreement with Partners
above the one with Prime Healthcare. I think closing Memorial could have been
avoided, rather than giving up on an urban community and the Blackstone Valley. Our
community needs are important and should not be dismissed for profit. Memorial
Hospital provides access to quality care for our residents and is one of our largest

We have kept in touch with all sides and with the state, however, it’s difficult not
being at the negotiating table. Since the announcement of this transaction, Mayor
Diossa and I have made it clear to the parties that we are willing and able
partners. However, with this announcement, we will use all tools available to us,
including but not limited to legal action, to ensure the services for the community
are protected.

It is reasons like this that I have been driving home how critical the economic
development component of the State’s investment and new revenue is to Pawtucket and
the Blackstone Valley. They are all related. A prosperous healthcare provider needs
a growing population and access to a trained workforce.