Langevin Statement on Trump’s Executive Order to Repeal the Clean Power Plan

Washington, D.C- Congressman Jim Langevin (D-RI) issued the following statement in
response to President Trump’s signing of an executive order to begin repealing the
Clean Power Plan:

«President Trump’s short-sighted executive order to begin repealing the Clean Power
Plan is an assault to the health of the public and the planet. The Clean Power Plan
is an important blueprint to reduce the amount of emissions pouring into our
atmosphere that pose significant long-term negative public health effects and will
cause irreversible environmental damage. Building on the legacy of the Clean Air
Act, this plan is helping us address this ongoing existential crisis for our planet,
and reversing direction now will only worsen the effects of climate change. The
Executive Order also risks jeopardizing the significant gains made by the Obama
Administration in negotiating the Paris Agreement to reduce climate damage on a
global scale.»