Joint Statement from Providence Mayor Jorge O. Elorza, Providence City Council President David Salvatore, Providence School Board President Nicholas Hemond and Providence Public Schools Superintendent Christopher N. Maher


As community leaders, we believe it is in the best interest of the Providence school community to seek alternative transportation arrangements so that our families will not have their lives and education disrupted by the labor disputes of third parties.

In an effort to expand the pool of eligible bidders, the Providence Public School District is considering the release of three Requests for Proposals related to school bus transportation.

The first RFP would mirror the busing arrangements currently in place for the school district, with vehicles, personnel and operations managed by one entity.

The second RFP would seek to lease a fleet of school buses only and does not include the personnel or management necessary to operate the buses.

The third RFP would seek to hire a management company that would oversee school bus operations, including the necessary employees, but would not include a school bus fleet.

This strategy is designed to identify a menu of services that would provide the district with greater flexibility in procuring its future transportation needs.

Providence families and children continue to suffer as our current vendor, First Student, and its employees, represented by Teamsters Local 251, fail to deliver school bus transportation services.

We know that to properly serve our parents and students, a resolution must be reached immediately and we call on both parties to come to a resolution so that no student misses a minute more of learning time.