Joe Trillo Blames Rhode Island’s Leadership for PawSox Leaving the State


(Warwick, RI) – Independent candidate for Rhode Island governor Joe Trillo says there is no one else to blame but the Rhode Island leadership, for the PawSox moving to Worcester.


In a public announcement today, Pawtucket Red Sox owners said they have concluded a search for a new home by choosing Worcester, Massachusetts for its new modern ballpark. The minor league affiliate has been a Rhode Island icon, dating back to 1973.


“It is extremely disappointing that no one from Governor Raimondo, to the Speaker of the House, to the Senate President, stood up to the plate to handle this important economic development opportunity for the city of Pawtucket and the state, properly,” said Trillo.


“Everyone ran from this issue, because it’s an election year, which is very telling about the political leadership in our state.  What needed to be done, is the leadership in this state needed to sit down one-on-one with the owners of the PawSox and continue to work a deal out, just like they do when they are trying to get bills passed in the General Assembly,” he added.


“This deal could have been done without putting taxpayer dollars at risk.  Without having the ability to be in direct negotiations with all the key players, it’s clear the deal has fallen apart because of ineffective leadership.  Governor Raimondo is a disappointment to the state of Rhode Island, and to all its taxpayers.”


“From the outside, it looks like the PawSox owners were disrespected by the governor and other leaders in the General Assembly, by them not personally getting involved, to negotiate a deal that would have been beneficial to the state of Rhode Island, the city of Pawtucket, the taxpayers, as well as the PawSox owners.”


“This deal needed personal involvement, which it was lacking.  When you go into a negotiation the first thing you do, is you try to understand who you’re negotiating with, what their goals are, and what they need to be happy.  Then, you try to work their needs around the needs of the taxpayers and the citizens of the state.  I know that wasn’t done.”