For Jennifer Lopez there is no other man like Marc

Jennifer Lopez still loves Marc Anthony. Although the heart of the Bronx Diva has been occupied by the handsome dancer Casper Smart for the past three years, the pop star recognizes that she will never forget all the good experiences she had during her five-year marriage to the salsa-father of her children Max and Emme, and who confesses that she still loves Marc as » a friend» and as the person, besides her, is more concerned about the welfare of their children.
«Of course I still love him, as a friend and the father of my children. That does not mean we have to be married or live together to remain a family, but it is true that Marc is still one of the people who are always there for me and supporting me in everything related to my everyday life. I love him just as much as he loves me, because we have a common history and two wonderful children, » the singer told Glamour.

After admitting earlier that in her new autobiography there is a whole chapter devoted to the close friendship that forged after the decision to divorce, the famous celebrity ensures that her ex-husband knows perfectly the intricacies of the work and what is being mention about him, which does not seem to concern Marc Anthony considering the enthusiasm in which he has towards the project.

«He was the one that encouraged me to speak about our lives together and the effect it had on our bonding. I think I had said it repeatedly; he is excited to appear in my book and has a great curiosity about my version of what happened. He has always been my biggest fan and I his, because we understand each other perfectly despite that our love will not work, «she explained.