Jackson Opposes Parking Meters on Hope Street

PROVIDENCE, R.I.-City Council Majority Leader Kevin Jackson today issued the
following statement regarding the addition of parking meters on Hope Street:

«Mayor Elorza’s plan to install parking meters on Hope Street will impose an
unnecessary hardship on the area’s small business community. Parking meters will
deter patrons from visiting the local shops and restaurants that enrich our
neighborhood and add value and vitality to our capital city. The local economy is
finally beginning to emerge from the strains of a national recession. Mayor Elorza’s
parking meter expansion will halt the momentum that Hope Street business owners have
worked to build.

The policies we enact in City Hall must reflect the needs of our community, and in
order to thrive here, the Hope Street community must continue to build economic
momentum. I urge Mayor Elorza to refrain from financing the city’s revenue on the
backs of the neighborhood business owners, employees, and patrons of Hope Street.»