Ismael Cala and Stella Maris Munoz at «El Poder de Escuchar» book tour

Ismael Cala presents his book in Latin America

El Poder de Escuchar Ismael Cala
El Poder de Escuchar
Ismael Cala

The Power of Listening

After an extensive tour that took him throughout most of the Americas, the renowned CNN reporter, Ismael Cala is in the city of Mexico to promote his book, «El Poder de Escuchar,» which translates to the power of listening. This extraordinary work which is the product of years of experience from this famed Spanish journalist, who through his television program offers interesting interviews, connecting the Latino community in the United States with many personalities of national and international recognition. There is much value in his work , the result of fifteen years of a proven track record. The importance of this publication is summed up in its title, » The power of listening » in which Ismael reflects on one of the key points for the development of modern society and especially for the disciplines related to journalism, the importance of listening. In the words of Cala , listening is not a gift, but an art, a discipline that goes beyond journalism. Learning to listen is essential in the daily life of all human beings, it is vital to become more successful.»

This is not an autobiography but rather a guide for self-help, personal empowerment, leadership; to present the reader with the tools necessary for an intimate dialogue. » We all have obstacles and certain genetic inheritances we have to learn to listen from where they originate «he said .

«El Poder de Escuchar,» is a book in which the journalist shared important moments in his life, interviews and photographs. It is an engaging book that collects the last 15 years of self study and much reading, and listening to topics of psychology, psychiatry and religions to see what they have in common.

While in Mexico, Ismael Cala was interviewed by our Correspondent Stella Maris Muñoz from that city who sends us this special greeting from Ismael for Latino Public Radio, our program, Parallel 55, and the entire audience in New England.


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