Interstellar ‘Most Illegally Downloaded’ Movie

VOA News

Hollywood’s award season is just around the corner, but one movie has already garnered a dubious honor.

«Interstellar,» the science fiction blockbuster starring Matthew McConaughey, has been named the most pirated movie of 2015, with 46 million illegal downloads, according to piracy watchdog firm Excipio.

Just behind it was «Fast & Furious 7» with 44 million downloads. Rounding out the top five were «Avengers: Age of Ultron» with 41 million downloads, «Jurassic World» with 36.8 downloads and «Mad Max: Fury Road» with 36.4 downloads.

Excipio also noted that piracy seems to be growing. Last year’s most downloaded movie was «Wolf of Wall St.,» which was downloaded a mere 30 million times. That would not have made the top ten this year.

The most downloaded television show was HBO’s «Game of Thrones,» with some 14.4 million illegal downloads.

Excipio’s data was collected from Jan. 1 to Dec. 25, 2015.