Igliozzi Calls for Cameras in Classrooms and Hallways in all Providence Public Schools


Providence, RI (November 16, 2017) – Providence City Councilman John Igliozzi, Ward 7 is bringing a resolution to the City Council to request cameras be placed in all classrooms, gyms, cafeterias and all hallways in the Providence Public School district.

In the wake of recent incidents, like that which occurred in May of this year at Kizirian Elementary School and most recently, ones that occurred at Central High School, these cameras will provide immediate access to the Providence Police Department and school administrators if and when incidents are alleged.

“As a parent, I’m deeply troubled by the allegations that have fallen on Providence’s Public Schools,” stated Councilman John Igliozzi, Ward 7. “As a public servant, I’m convinced that the time is long overdue to put in place protections for all students in our city. Students are our most precious resource, and they along with teachers and school staff should feel protected while at school and work. It’s my hope that Superintendent Chris Maher and Providence School Board President Nicholas Hemmond will find a way to install cameras in every hallway and every classroom to protect all we serve.”

In May of 2017, it was alleged that a teacher at Kizirian Elementary School was accused of sexual assault, and most recently there were two incidents that occurred at a Central High School involving alleged inappropriate interactions between staff and students. One of those incidents was captured on video by a student and if not for that footage may not have come to light.

Without access to students’ phones, it is important and necessary to ensure that other means are available to see the full picture of each interaction called into question between students and school employees. It’s necessary to have full knowledge and context of these interactions to protect both students and staff. The School Department has already installed cameras in common areas, along the perimeter of the schools and in some hallways for student and staff protection.

It is a top priority of the Providence City Council to guarantee that every Providence student and staff feel safe, secure and comfortable while in school and the installation of cameras will help achieve that.