HousingWorks RI at RWU Report: Foreclosures in Rhode Island Q3 2015


PROVIDENCE, RI – December 21, 2015 – HousingWorks RI at Roger Williams University
(HWRI) today released its analysis of foreclosures
in Rhode Island for Q3 2015. The report looks at the number of residential
foreclosures in each of Rhode Island’s 39 cities and towns and offers regional
Quick Glance Findings:

* 184 residential foreclosure deeds were filed in Rhode Island during Q3 2015
compared to 382 in the same quarter of 2014, a 52 percent decline.
* For the first three quarters of 2015, there were 905 residential foreclosure
deeds filed in Rhode Island, a decrease of 27 percent from the same three-quarter
period in 2014.
* Locally, nine municipalities and the East Side of Providence reported increases
in foreclosure deeds filed in the first three quarters of 2015 when compared to the
same time period in 2014. Twenty-nine municipalities reported decreases and one
reported no change.
* The percent of seriously delinquent loans in Rhode Island continued its decline
to 4.96 percent in Q3 of 2015, but is still ranked second highest of all New
England states and fifth in the nation. The national seriously delinquent loan rate
is 3.57 percent.
“It is encouraging to see the state rate of residential foreclosures continue to
decline,” said Jessica Cigna, research and policy director for HousingWorks RI at
Roger Williams University. “This is tempered, however, by the number of homeowner
households that are still burdened by housing costs.”
Another cautionary statistic, according to Cigna, is Rhode Island’s high percentage
of “underwater” mortgages, those with balances higher than home value. Rhode
Island’s statewide percentage of underwater loans, at 12.3 percent was the fourth
highest in the country in Q3 2015, as reported by CoreLogic. “The high percentage,
while down 2.5 percentage points from a year ago, shows that Rhode Island’s housing
economy still faces substantial challenges, especially when this statistic is looked
at in combination with the percentage of seriously delinquent loans,” Cigna said.
The Quarterly Report on Foreclosures in RI is made possible with support from Rhode
Island Housing.
The report is available for download at:

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