House Minority Caucus Calls Upon House Committee on Oversight to Reconvene Following 38 Studios Investigation

TATE HOUSE — The House Minority Caucus has sent a letter to Chairwoman of the
House Committee on Oversight, Representative Patricia A. Serpa, requesting that the
Committee reconvene, to subpoena and release to the public, documents related to the
38 Studios investigation.

The letter comes following an announcement by Attorney General Peter Kilmartin and
Rhode Island State Police Superintendent Col. Steve O’Donnell, that there would be
no criminal charges following the investigation.

Members of the House Minority Caucus believe Rhode Islanders have a right to know
all the facts surrounding the 38 Studios investigation, and that Attorney General
Kilmartin’s refusal to release these investigatory records is an affront to the
hard-working Rhode Island taxpayers who are footing the bill for this misadventure.

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