Horror-Film House Price Reduced

 Horror-Film House Price Reduced

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Turns out, having your house featured in a creepy movie is not good if you want to sell.

Pennsylvania residents Scott and Barbara Lloyd own the house that portrayed the home of a serial killer in the 1991 film «The Silence of the Lambs.»

The couple initially listed the house for sale at a price of $300,000 in the middle of last year, but due to a lack of bids they have reduced the asking price to $250,000, according to The Associated Press.

The notoriety of the house has attracted curious visitors, but no serious buyers. Two of the rooms were seen in the film, but the home has no dungeon – the pit where the fictional killer kept his victims before murdering and skinning them. Those scenes were filmed elsewhere

Since the price was reduced, «We’re finally starting to see a little bit of motion,» Lloyd said. He and his wife have owned the home since the mid-1970s, but they are selling it in order to move to a smaller house they are having built.

The Lloyds were married in their home’s foyer, the room where the FBI agent played by actress Jodie Foster in the film first encounters the crazed killer known as Buffalo Bill.

The house is about an hour’s drive from Pittsburgh, in the small town of Layton in western Pennsylvania – a location that buyers may see as too remote. It has four bedrooms but only one bathroom.

While the house is a landmark for fans of the Oscar- winning movie, that doesn’t appear to translate to an easy sell.

«Even though it’s got notoriety, location still is a big deal,» said Erik Gunther, a senior editor for Realtor.com.

«The fact that a home gets a ton of publicity doesn’t necessarily add up to a quick sale,» Gunther added. «Just because I want to gawk at something doesn’t mean I want to buy it.»