Hong Kong Protesters Threaten to Seize Buildings

Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong are threatening to take over several government buildings if the territory’s Beijing-friendly chief executive does not resign Thursday.

The student protesters are giving Leung Chun-ying until midnight local time (1600 GMT) to resign, and have already begun camping outside his office in the semi-autonomous Chinese city, and have demanded China introduce full democracy so the city can freely choose its own leader.

The occupation of government buildings would be a major escalation for the protesters, tens of thousands of whom have camped out in several main thoroughfares since last Friday.

The Hong Kong government urged the protesters to end their blockade of the city center immediately, saying their actions were affecting public order and the provision of public services.

“About 3,000 government officials will try their best tomorrow to return to work as [much] as possible. To maintain public service, the government headquarters must operate as usual,” the government said in a statement. “We urge the Occupy Central leaders and organizers to stop the movement immediately.”

Keep up pressure

Mio Chang, president of the Hong Kong Baptist University Students Union, said: «It’s what we are planning is, to keep the pressure to the government and it’s a necessary thing during this process.”

Steve Hui, senior superintendent of Hong Kong police force, urged protesters not to block or charge at government buildings, saying police would take action in accordance with the law if they did.

Latino Public Radio