Hillary for Rhode Island Releases New Radio Ad Featuring Senator Jack Reed

 Hillary for Rhode Island Releases New Radio Ad Featuring Senator Jack Reed

Providence, RI – Today, Hillary for Rhode Island began airing a radio ad
featuring Senator Jack Reed. In the ad, Reed discusses Clinton’s experience
and proven record of achieving results at home and abroad. The ad
highlights Clinton’s foreign policy experience and ability to keep our
country safe, as well as her record of working across the aisle to deliver
for American families. The ad will run in the Providence media market.

*Listen to “Senator Reed

*See below for a transcript of the new ad:*

Senator Jack Reed:

On Tuesday, Rhode Island gets to a make a choice in one of the most
important elections of our lifetime.

This is Senator Jack Reed, and my choice is Hillary Clinton.

This is a dangerous time for our country and we must have a President who
knows how to keep us safe.

That’s Hillary.

I watched her up close as she pushed for tough sanctions on Iran…

…negotiated a cease fire in Gaza…

…and worked to reduce nuclear weapons that threaten us all.

Here at home, Hillary reached across the aisle and worked with Republicans,
to win benefits for military families and the National Guard.

And she won health care for eight million children.

The harder it gets, the harder she works.

And she never gives up until the job gets done.

Right now, the stakes for America could not be higher.

And, for me, the choice could not be clearer.

This is Jack Reed, urging you to join me in voting for Hillary Clinton on

Hillary Clinton:

I’m Hillary Clinton, candidate for President, and I approve this message.


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