HealthMate Coast-to-Coast for Medicare: The plan your retirees want

Mark Thomas, BCBSRI Group Medicare account executive

If you’ve been a Rhode Islander for a number of years, or have owned a business here, then chances are you already know about one of our local employers’ favorite health plans: HealthMate Coast-to-Coast, from Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI).

HealthMate has always offered the kind of coverage that Rhode Island employers feel proud to offer their employees, including the freedom to choose the doctors and pharmacists they want to see, plus the peace of mind that comes with national coverage. It’s a name you know and trust, from an insurer that is one of America’s most trusted brands.

And now, you can offer your retirees that same great coverage, too: introducing HealthMate Coast-to-Coast for Medicare Group (PPO) plans.

Now that HealthMate Coast-to-Coast is available for groups of employees who are eligible for Medicare, you have another health plan option to offer your retirees – one that comes with the kind of coverage that can help them get the most out of their retirement, with benefits like:

  • An extensive nationwide provider network, so they can choose the doctors and pharmacists they want to see
  • Comprehensive coverage, including dental, vision, and hearing aids
  • Prescription coverage through the coverage gap
  • Flat-dollar copays on most in- and out-of-network benefits
  • A $0 national gym membership
  • Quarterly over-the-counter benefit at CVS Pharmacy®
  • $0 rides to doctors’ visits
  • $0 meals delivered following hospital stays
  • $0 Doctors Online telehealth visits

And there are great advantages for you, too. You’ll enjoy:

  • Significant savings potential* over commercial (non-Medicare) health plans
  • A convenient direct billing option, which can ease your administrative burden
  • A dedicated Medicare advisor and support team for peace of mind

Common myths about retiree health plan benefits…debunked

There are many misconceptions about offering retiree benefits, but we can help clear those up:

  • Myth 1: Only municipalities can offer retiree benefits. Retiree benefits can actually be an effective (and affordable) way for employers to enhance their benefit package and attract top talent.
  • Myth 2: Offering retiree benefits will create more work for HR administrators. Choosing our direct bill option leaves the administrative work to us. We can bill retirees directly, and answer any questions they – or you – have along the way.
  • Myth 3: We can’t afford retiree coverage. Even if you don’t contribute toward retiree benefits, our Medicare Advantage plans still offer your retirees access to plans that aren’t available to individuals, which provide more extensive coverage levels – and some even have coverage through the Medicare doughnut hole.
  • Myth 4: Our HR team need to be Medicare experts to offer Medicare plans. When you work with BCBSRI, you get access to a dedicated Medicare advisor who will provide support and continuous education to you and your retirees.

Learn how we can help your retirees get the most out of their retirement

Questions about our HealthMate Coast-to-Coast for Medicare Group (PPO) plans? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me at

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