Governor Raimondo’s Statement on the Immoral Senate Trumpcare Bill

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Governor Gina M. Raimondo has made the following statement
the proposed Senate Trumpcare Bill:
«Congressional Republicans are trying to pass an immoral piece of legislation and
they’re hoping that no one notices. The Affordable Care Act is working in Rhode
Island. 100,000 Rhode Islanders count on the ACA for access to life-saving health
coverage. The Senate TrumpCare proposal is just as ‘mean’ as the House version and
puts American and Rhode Island lives at risk so millionaires and billionaires can
get a tax cut. I stand with hundreds of thousands of Rhode Islanders, including
Senators Reed and Whitehouse and Congressmen Langevin and Cicilline in vocal, active
opposition to this disastrous proposal.»