Governor Raimondo signs Secretary Gorbea’s Lobby Reform Act into law

 Governor Raimondo signs Secretary Gorbea’s Lobby Reform Act into law

PROVIDENCE, RI – Secretary of State Nellie M. Gorbea today celebrated the passage of
the 2016 Lobby Reform Act during a State House Library ceremony where Governor
Raimondo signed the bill into law. Gorbea championed the legislation, introduced by
Representative Jacquard and Senator Lynch Prata, in an effort to clarify, simplify,
and strengthen lobby laws in the state.

“Comprehensive reform of the state’s lobbying laws has been a top priority of my
administration,” Secretary Gorbea said. “This law strengthens Rhode Island’s
commitment to transparency and effective government.”

The 2016 Lobby Reform Act came in response to repeated concerns from constituents,
lawmakers and lobbyists that the state’s existing lobbying statutes were difficult
to interpret and to comply with. In response, Secretary Gorbea initiated a
comprehensive review of the two statutes governing lobbying and established a
Lobbying Advisory Task Force to help guide efforts that would strengthen and clarify
Rhode Island’s lobbying laws.

The landmark legislation accomplishes three objectives:

1. Provides much clearer definitions and bright line distinctions, so those
involved can more easily determine who does and does not have to register to lobby.

2. Provides a clear process to investigate possible violations of the lobbying law.

3. Strengthens penalties for violations.

“I thank Governor Raimondo, Speaker Mattiello, Senate President Paiva Weed, our
sponsors, Representative Jacquard and Senator Lynch Prata, and the entire General
Assembly for working with me to make Rhode Island a national leader in openness and
transparency,” Gorbea said.

The Department of State is currently developing a new web-based Lobby Tracker Portal
to launch ahead of the next legislative session. The new law goes into effect
January 1, 2017.