GOVERNOR GINA RAIMONDO October is Rhode Island Manufacturing Month

Friends –

To build a strong economy, we are investing in ourselves. As Governor, I won’t rest until every Rhode Islander has access to the job training they need to get ahead.

We used to make things in Rhode Island. We were the jewelry capital of the world and the birthplace of America’s Industrial Revolution.

But over time, those jobs moved overseas or were automated. The honest truth is many of the jobs we’ve lost aren’t going to come back in the same form. Which is why I won’t rest until every Rhode Islander has access to the job training and skills training they need to get ahead.

Because of the investments we’ve made in skills training through initiatives like Real Jobs RI, and because of our commitment to ensure that at least 70 percent of Rhode Islanders have an associate’s degree or higher by 2025, Rhode Island is positioned to lead a new industrial revolution in advanced industries.

National businesses like GE are already taking a fresh look at our state. Established companies like Electric Boat are doubling down. And no state in New England is adding advanced industry jobs more quickly than Rhode Island.

From offshore, renewable wind energy to the Internet of Things, we have an opportunity to make things again. And we’re going to do it by training our neighbors for the new, advanced manufacturing jobs that require the same work ethic and determination that helped Rhode Island to lead the first industrial revolution.

Today is National Manufacturing Day. In my opinion, Rhode Island’s manufacturing community deserves more than just a day. Throughout October, I’m excited to highlight the important role manufacturing plays in ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to make it Rhode Island.

So, I’m excited to officially proclaim the entire month of October as Rhode Island Manufacturing Month to celebrate the 42,000 Rhode Islanders who work in manufacturing.

Like so many Rhode Islanders, manufacturing helped my family put food on the table. Let’s keep investing in new skills and innovative job training to ensure that manufacturing remains a vibrant part of Rhode Island’s economy for future generations.

Happy Manufacturing Month!



Governor Gina M. Raimondo

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