Governor Gina M. Raimondo visited Tech Collective to listen to business leaders in a roundtable discussion about skills that matter

Providence – Rhode Island economy created more than 8,000 jobs last year, the most created in
a single year since 2000, and our unemployment rate dropped more than any other
state in the nation.

«Our economy has momentum but we must do more to create a pipeline of educated and
skilled workers,» Raimondo said. «To reinvigorate our economy, we need to build
skills that matter for jobs that pay.»

The leaders discussed ways to create a pipeline of skilled workers to support the
innovation economy, including starting early with computer science programming in
primary schools. They also expressed support for experiential learning programs at
colleges and universities to give students hands-on experience that will prepare
them for jobs available now.

Attendees included representatives from a variety of companies, including Automated
Business Solutions, OSHEAN, Amica, AIPSO, Atrion Networking Corp, Beacon Mutual
Insurance Company, Dassault Systemes, Simulia, Envision Technology Advisors, FM
Global and Datarista, among others.