Gorbea Outraises Opponent for a Second Quarter in a Row

PROVIDENCE, RI – The Nellie Gorbea for Secretary of State Campaign announced its results for the last fundraising quarter of 2013. In the September to December 2013 period, Gorbea raised more than $54,000, bringing her total raised in 2013 to $172,000. This success results from contributions by more than 675 individuals to the Latina leader’s campaign. The majority of those contributions are from fellow Rhode Islanders, which shows the real grassroots character of this campaign.

This is the second quarter in a row that Gorbea has outraised her opponent.

“My candidacy draws from more than 20 years as a community leader and the breadth of my contributors shows the grassroots support I have across Rhode Island. People know me as someone who takes to heart the interests of people in Rhode Island. They’ve seen my track record as Deputy Secretary of State and as a community leader. They know that when I say I will make government work for people, I have a real vocation for making Rhode Island a better place for our children and our families.

In this quarter, Gorbea outraised every candidate for down ballot races except incumbent Attorney General Peter Kilmartin. Gorbea has already raised $50,000 more than current Secretary of State Ralph Mollis had raised during 2005 in the race against the same opponent.

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