Gingerbread Express Visits the D’Abate Memorial School

 Gingerbread Express Visits the D’Abate Memorial School

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The students of D»Abate Memorial School was so excited this morning because they got a visit from the Gingerbread Express.  This was their 26th annual Gingerbread Express. NEARI fund this special program, The Gingerbread Express which links their members and friends with public school students who may be facing a bleak, gift-less holiday season. Each of these students designs a gingerbread cookie cutout listing information about his/her clothing needs and gift wishes. The cutouts are then distributed anonymously to donors willing to fill the requests.

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Christopher N. Maher, Superintendent of Providence Schools

The principal of D’Abate Memorial School, Brent Kermen, Providence Mayor, Jorge Elorza, Superintendent of Providence Schools, Christopher N. Maher and the Educational Commissioner, Dr. Ken Wagner address and help to distribute bags of toys to all the students.

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Mayor Jorge Elorza and Educational Commissioner, Dr. Ken Wagner

The students were entertain with gingerbread characters and were read the tales of Gingerbread Express by two of their teachers, Erick Pagan and Veronica Johnson.  The tale was told in both English and Spanish language.   The children received gingerbread cookies, candy canes and more from their Gingerbread Cookies.  The children in return gave the Gingerbread Cookies ornaments that they made.   Some of the  children were dress in little elves outfits.

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The Gingerbread Express program has embraced thousands of needy children since its inception 19 years ago. In many instances, the gifts from the Gingerbread Express have been the only gifts the child has received. What a great way to feel the magic of the season!

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