Gina Raimondo Continues Focus On Manufacturing Tours Fourth Manufacturing Facility


PROVIDENCE- Following the release of the first part of her jobs plan yesterday, Gina
Raimondo today continued her focus on manufacturing, touring Admiral Packaging in
Providence. Gina’s plan to revitalize manufacturing in Rhode Island relies on a
three-pronged approach to foster innovation, improve our workforce development
efforts and better support our existing manufacturers.

“We need to be doing a better job supporting our local manufacturers and helping
them to grow,” said Gina. “One of the things I’ve most enjoyed throughout this
campaign is hosting what we call ‘Raimondo Roundtables’ to hear from people directly
about what their industry needs to succeed. At our manufacturing roundtable, I heard
over and over again the need for better support for manufacturers. We should help
find new markets for our manufacturers’ products, provide a tool kit to help them
become more productive and locate resources they need to grow. And we can do a
better job of helping our manufacturers navigate the tricky regulatory roadmap at
both the state and federal level.”

Gina looks forward to touring more manufacturing facilities and continuing to speak
with workers and industry leaders about her plans to make Rhode Island a leader in
manufacturing once again.

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